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About me

Hi, I am Ali. Born and mostly raised in the UK (with a few years in Australia).

I moved to the small but beautiful town of Solothurn in Switzerland by myself for work in 2015. I didn’t really expect to be here at all. After completing my PhD in the UK I was looking for a Post-Doc abroad and after looking for places in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, and Australia, I stumbled across a position in Switzerland by chance.

I initially only planned to be here for a year or two at the most, but 7+ years later I am still here and don’t plan to move on anytime soon.

Contact: ali at or via Reddit.

About my interests

I am working towards visiting every last corner of the country (see the map below).

I am mostly interested in getting out and exploring the landscape. I like to look around cities for a few hours, but only have so much interest in museums, and zero interest in shopping. So don’t expect much on the Bahnhofstrasse from me.

99% of my travel here is by public transport, foot, or bike. I very rarely go anywhere by car.

I pick restaurants, accommodation and such like based on a mix of; what has space, looks interesting, and is a reasonable price. Often it is a case of ‘what is left’ for last minute trips. Sometimes I look for somewhere special, but mostly it is just ‘that will do’.

About this website

This all initially started as just a few comments on Reddit, then a few posts which covered more common topics, then more posts on more topics, and then my own sub-Reddit to try and keep track of everything, which itself turned into more of a blog. It has been nice piggy-backing off Reddit without worrying about hosting costs or having to learn how to build a website, but it is about time I actually put one together for myself.

This website is to record my adventures and whatever thoughts pop into my mind. This covers everything from travel basics, to resources for Swiss-German, to hikes in more remote regions, to literature reviews on scientific articles on whether cows are bothered by bells.

There is no sponsored content or anything like that. All of the content is what I have done because I wanted to do and found it interesting enough to write up. If you want to contribute something then see my support page.

My travels so far

As of April 2024:

Big Map APRIL 2024