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I do this for my own amusement (and a moderate ego boost when the numbers in the statistics go up). All of the content on this website is what I have chosen and paid to do for myself – there are no sponsored or ‘collaboration’ posts or anything like that.

That said it would be nice to cover the website costs at least. I don’t want to flood this website with adverts (there are too many of those already), lock anything off behind payments, or start trying to sell overpriced Google Maps, so everything is open to everyone with the option to donate if you want to.

Any support is appreciated, but everyone is very welcome to look around, ask questions, and use all the information regardless.

Buy me a coffee.

A single donation via Buy Me A Coffee. Select the extra and I will throw in a photo and a story for $5.


I am not going to suggest any particular products, but if you happen to be planning to buy or book something anyway then this sends me a small bonus at no extra cost to you.