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The Dent de Jaman

    Dent de Jaman

    Photo: Looking over Lake Geneva from the Dent de Jaman


    The Dent de Jaman is a rocky peak sticking above Montreux and offering some fantastic views.

    The simplest way to get up here would be using the Jaman stop on the Montreux – Rochers de Naye train, or hike up from the Jor or Les Cases stops on the MOB/Goldenpass line (about 5km +700m in either case). On this particular day I met up with a few friends who had rented a Mobility car in Montreux and we drove from Les Avants to the car park at the Col de Jaman. I wouldn’t recommend this; the road going up is very narrow with a steep drop to the side and cars going both ways.

    We did a short route going straight up and then circling back via the Montagne d’Amont (5km +/- 400m).

    Dent de Jeman
    Starting off by the Col de Jaman.
    Dent de Jeman
    Views of the lake on the way up.

    I have never actually been up to the Rochers de Naye so I can’t compare the experience. I imagine the Jaman must have slightly more restricted views but less people around (but as a small peak it will feel busy with only a few people). Either way it was a fantastic viewpoint.

    Dent de Jeman
    Dent de Jaman.
    Dent de Jeman
    Layers of mountain towards the Oberland.
    Dent de Jeman
    View over the lake

    Looping back via the Montagne d’Amont added some impressive views of the south face of the Dent and a pleasant walk back through the forest/meadow.

    Dent de Jeman
    The steep south face of the Dent de Jaman.
    Dent de Jeman
    Returning through the meadow to the east of the Dent.

    We drove down to Villeneuve on lake Geneva (le Léman if you want to impress the locals) for an afternoon relaxing on the shore and swimming. Made somewhat memorable by one paraglider who clearly missed their intended landing spot and came in hot on the crowded park.

    One of my friends was house sitting at a place just above the lake somewhere between Villeneuve and Montreux. I can’t recall the exact spot but it was a hell of a place to watch the sunset. If you ever find yourself with a very large pile of money to spare then a house with a giant balcony overlooking the lake would be a good use of it.

    Dent de Jeman
    Dinner and sunset looking over Lake Geneva.

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