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Easter in Switzerland means Chocolate Hares (aka Murder Bunnies)


    Photo: Ranks of staring faces in the supermarkets.

    I grew up in the UK where Easter (starting around New Years these days) means the shelves are full of packages containing chocolate eggs.

    The Swiss instead go for Chocolate Hares (they do call them hares rather than rabbits, at least in the German part). Most of these are much bigger and more memorable than the iconic little minimalistic Lindt bunny. I assume they are meant to be cute, but I find them outright creepy. They are either very detailed and have a sinister ‘you have to fall asleep sometime’ smile, or look like prototypes for a crossover between Watership Down and I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. It was quite a surprise the first time I turned a corner in my local supermarket and found rank upon rank of creepy faces with giant eyes and smiles looking back at me.

    I have no mouth and I must scream in bunny form.
    Giant rabbit in mid-bite from Manor.

    They do at least pack a decent amount of chocolate compared to the insultingly thin giant eggs in the UK. To date one of the best things I have bought in Switzerland was a 50cm tall, 1kg heavy chocolate hare from Manor Food for 13.5 CHF (and best of all it looked like it was about to bite you). And of course as soon as Easter Monday is over it will all be available for knock down prices (usually a 50% discount).

    The strangest thing is that for all the obvious Swiss chocolate cliches I swear I have never seen any other Swiss vloggers/bloggers/instagrammers mention these or how creepy they are.

    The one on the left isn’t so bad, but the one on the right is about to stab somebody.

    Special mention has to go to my local butcher in Solothurn who managed to take it one step further and celebrate Easter with a nightmare inducing Flesh Rabbit.

    Meat Bunny.

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