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My favourite little spots in and around Solothurn

    Photo: Looking towards Solothurn from Bättlerchuchi.

    These are nice spots with a view or little points of interest that I have come across exploring the area around Solothurn. They aren’t going to make the must do list for the tourism website, but I will always try and make a diversion to pass by them.

    All of the them are easy to reach from Solothurn by foot or bike (or e-bike at least).

    • Lohn hill. View of the Alps that can be combined with a tour through the woods.
    • The Eyes. A pair of caves. I am not aware of any official name for them, so I have dubbed them The Eyes for hopfully obvious reasons.
    • Grabenöli. A mill hidden in a pretty little valley with a number of waterfalls.
    • Aussichtspunkt Bättlerchuchi. A fantastic viewpoint with a somewhat different view of Röti to what you normally get. Best combined with a loop around the gravel road to Hinteregg.
    • Balm waterfall. The most impressive waterfall around Solothurn. Stand on the bridge close to the Ruine Balm then follow the stream over the next little hill.
    • Roman Fountain. The remains of a roman villa. Now there is just the fountain and a shady spot to enjoy the scene.
    • Riedholz upper road. A bench with a view on the cycling route towards Oensingen.
    • Chuchigraben Rüttenen. A hidden bit of gorge. The path is perfectly safe (and even has high quality stairs and support) but is not on the marked hiking routes.
    • Rüttenenstrasse Ridge. A gravel road along a little ridge between Oberdorf and Rüttenen. The best panoramic views you can get without having to go all the way up to Weissenstein.
    • Kammersrohr bench. A nice view of Röti.
    • Steinhof. A good viewpoint from one of the Solothurn exclaves. The titular stones are worth a look and it is easy to swing by Burgaescheisee on the way.
    Looking back to Solothurn from one of the stones at Steinhof.
    The Eyes.

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