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Hike – Arête des Sommêtres

    Photo: looking north over the Doubs river marking the French (left) and Swiss (right) border.

    This is the Franches Montagnes area in Canton Jura, one of the most out of the way and forgotten parts of Switzerland. It lacks the dramatic sights of the Alps but it is still a very beautiful and distinctive rural area (often with more horses than cows).

    This was done shortly after I got a new phone and I didn’t realise how bad the default camera settings were. So my apologies for the awful photos.

    Key Information

    Route: Le Noirmont – Sommêtres – Muriaux – Les Emibois – Roselet – Les Breuleux.

    Length: 10.3 km, +342m, -287m.

    Date: 2020-July-12.

    Practical Information

    Season: All year round (though I wouldn’t recommend going out along the Sommêtres in the snow/ice)

    Arrival/Departure: Train to Le Noirmont / train from Les Breuleux. Transport in this region is a little slow and usually requires a number of changes to get back to the main train lines.

    Supplies: Shops and restaurants at the start and end.

    Alternate routes/shortcuts: Ending in Saignelégier rather than Les Breuleux.

    Exposure/Hazards: Mostly it is very gentle rolling countryside. The path along the rocks out to the Sommêtres requires a bit of care but it isn’t exposed or dangerous.

    Being an out of the way location it was mostly rather quiet despite being such a nice day.

    Notes along the route

    The route starts out in some pleasant if forgettable forest by Le Noirmont.

    Approaching the Sommêtres through the forest.

    The highlight of the tour (and main reason for it) was the Arête des Sommêtres; a rocky outcrop with extensive views over the Doubs valley and across the French border. The path out along the rock was partly steep steps hewn into the rock, but with sufficient support and safety rails.

    View from Arête des Sommêtres looking up the Doubs valley over Switzerland (left) and France (right).
    View from Arête des Sommêtres looking up the Doubs valley over Switzerland (right) and France (left).

    Along Muriaux to Les Emibois and a bit beyond was alongside the road which was a bit boring but at least the road was quiet. After that the path follows a farm road and is much more pleasant.

    Typical Jura landscape near Le Roselet.

    At Roselet is the Foundation for horse’s which is worth a (free) look in if you pass by.

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