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Hike – La Neuveville to Twann via the Twannbachschlucht

    La Neuveville

    Photo: La Neuveville

    Beautiful villages and a hidden gorge on lake Biel.

    Key Information

    Route: La Neuveville – Prêles – Twannbachschlucht – Twann.

    Length: 10km, +/- 500m.

    Date: 2018-April-29


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    Practical Information

    Season: Spring to Autumn. The gorge is usually open from April to November.

    Arrival/Departure: Train or boat to La Neuveville / Train or boat from Twann.

    Supplies: Restaurants in the villages along the route.

    Alternate routes/shortcuts: Walk along the Rebenweg to Ligerz and then head up to Prêles (option of taking the funicular to do most of the climb). Another route which I have yet to try is to take the funicular up to Magglingen and slowly drop down the ridge from to the Twannbachschlucht.

    Exposure/Hazards: The path in the gorge might be slippery, otherwise nothing.

    The Twannbachschlucht has an entry fee of 2 CHF (or 1 CHF for children). It isn’t locked off behind a gate, and operates on an honesty system outside of weekends/holidays when a hut at the lower entry point is staffed. Because of this it is not actually on the official footpath network.

    Notes along the route

    Part of my reason for doing this route was to visit La Neuveville. I hadn’t heard anything about it before, but having passed by many times on the train I had noticed the outside of the old town so was curious to go have a look. It was well worth the effort. There isn’t much to the village (you have seen the whole place in 5 minutes), but what is there is very pretty.

    La Neuveville
    La Neuveville.

    From Le Neuveville we headed up through the vineyards and into the forest towards Prêles.

    The first few minutes offered some fantastic views over the lake. After that the path entered the forest and was fine, but nothing exceptional. I would suggest going along to Ligerz then up to Prêles from there instead, either by foot or by funciular, to enjoy more open views over the lake (and possibly the distant Alps on a clear day).

    La Neuveville
    Through the vineyards out of La Neuveville.
    La Neuveville
    Through the vineyards out of La Neuveville.

    Prêles doesn’t have much of interest to divert your attention as you pass through. From Prêles the path drops down into the Twannbachschlucht. This isn’t as grand or impressive as the Areuse gorge, but it is still a fantastic experience – especially in the spring when everything is in full bloom.


    The base of the Twannbachshlucht puts you out on a bridge with a fantastic view of a waterfall crashing down and the village of Twann.

    It is well worth taking 5 minutes to explore the two parts of the village which are really beautiful (it is just a shame that the road cuts the village off from the lake front).

    Klein Twann.

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