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Hike – Over the Vogelberg

    Hike Vogelberg

    Photo: Restaurant Vogelberg surrounded by wildflowers.

    A quiet hike in the dramatic landscape of the folding Jura.

    This time of year was perfect for a hike in the Jura with everything in bloom and the meadows filled with wildflowers.

    Key Information

    Route: Neuhusli (Beinwil) – Vogelberg – Mümliswil.

    Length: 12.2km, +550m, -640m.

    Date: 2022-June-04.

    For more hikes in Switzerland see my list of hikes.

    Practical Information

    Season: Spring to Autumn. Snow allowing this would be doable in winter too.

    Arrival/Departure: Bus to ‘Beinwil SO, Neuhüsli’ / Bus from ‘Mümliswil, Bank’. This is an easy trip for anyone in the Solothurn/Olten area but might be rather awkward/slow to reach for anyone else.

    Supplies: Restaurant at Vogelberg, farm shop at Obere Wechten, Restaurants and shops at Mümliswil.

    Alternate routes/shortcuts: Carry on from Mümliswil to Balsthal via the ruined castle at Neu Falkenstein (+7km, +310m, -380m) ). Or from Vogelberg you can head 1km downhill to Wasserfallen and take the cable car down.

    Exposure/Hazards: None.

    We were alone for most of the route, only seeing other hikers around Vogelberg in the middle.

    Notes along the route

    A slightly convoluted (changes at Oensingen and Balsthal) but beautiful ride out. The north side of the Passwang is one of my favourite landscapes in Switzerland in summer. The folding Jura landscape is really beautiful and distinctive.

    The route started out very gently through flat meadows and a slow climb up the valley through a forested gorge.

    Hike Vogelberg
    Through a small gorge near the start.

    At Bogenthal (where the farm has a self-service stand) the route climbs up the side of the valley towards the ridge and then along through the forest. The Vogelberg lived up to its name with bird song filling the air. Otherwise the ascent wasn’t very exciting; just a long forest path going steadily upwards.

    Hike Vogelberg
    Hike Vogelberg
    Emerging from the forest near Restaurant Vogelberg.

    Had a good lunch with a view at the Bergrestaurant Vogelberg, then headed up to Vogelberg and dropping down into the next valley (towards Berggasthaus Obere Wechten).

    Hike Vogelberg
    Add the Vogelberg looking down to Wasserfalle.

    The valley around Wechten is beautiful (and usually hidden from view unless you are in or above it). After that there was a steep descent in the forest and finally we were escorted into Mümliswil by a friendly (if strangely shaved) cat.

    Hike Vogelberg
    Headed towards Obere Wechten before the long descent down to Mümliswil.

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