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Hike – Wasseraun and back via Meglisalp and Seealpsee

    Hike Meglisalp Seealpsee

    Photo: Approaching Meglisalp.

    A fantastic hike in the Alpstein up to the lonely little hamlet of Meglisalp then down for a refreshing swim in the Seealpsee. This was done as a daytrip whilst staying in St Gallen.

    Key Information

    Route: Wasserauen – Hütten – Meglisalp – Seealpsee – Wasserauen.

    Length: 12.3km, +/-830m.

    Date: 2016-August-14.


    For more hikes in Switzerland see my list of hikes.

    Practical Information

    Season: Spring to Autumn.

    Arrival/Departure: Train to and from Wasserauen.

    Supplies: Food and drinks at Wasserauen, Meglisalp, Seealpsee.

    Alternate routes/shortcuts: Carry on up to Säntis.

    Exposure/Hazards: The descent down to Seealpsee is a bit steep and narrow, but shouldn’t present any real dangers.

    Notes along the route

    Having seen the hibernating hamlet of Meglisalp and slightly sad looking Seealpsee in November I naturally wanted to go back and see them in their summer best.

    This was a glorious Sunday in August. The station/car park at Wasserauen forms the end of the line for every form of transport, so with people getting off the train and cars arriving all the time there was quite a crowd and only really 3 main routes for them to go off in at first. So after getting off the train the first 30 minutes the path was as crowded as I have experienced in Switzerland until people slowly spread out due to diverging paths and walking speeds.

    Straight up the forested hillside to Hütten, a little respite around the farm buildings at Hütten where the path flattens off, then another climb/traverse along a stunning bit of steep mountainside, before entering the little plateau at Meglisalp.

    Hike Meglisalp Seealpsee
    Hike Meglisalp Seealpsee
    Looking back from Hütten to the gentler hills of Appenzell.
    Hike Meglisalp Seealpsee
    Approaching the plateau Meglisalp sits on.
    Hike Meglisalp Seealpsee
    Curled up cow and the Alpstein.

    I am always surprised that Meglisalp isn’t better known. Sitting all by itself in the Alpstein it looks like it should be the setting for a film or TV show. We ate lunch on a rock by the hamlet (joined by a curious farm dog) then had a drink at the Berggasthaus Meglisalp.

    Hike Meglisalp Seealpsee
    Meglisalp Dog
    A very curious (or hopeful for food) dog at Meglisalp.

    This route doubles back on itself, and then descends a steep (but safe) route down the cliff to Seealpsee.

    Spent a few hours hanging out by the Seealpsee. Taking a dip was very refreshing (or in the words of a Swiss lady who got in near us “Oh-Jesus-Shit-Fuck”).

    Had coffee and cake/ice cream at the Berggasthaus Seealpsee, and then wandered down the road to catch the train down from Wasserauen.

    Hike Meglisalp Seealpsee

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