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All of my posts on each aspect of Switzerland. Grouped by type.

Note: The content is still being imported and updated from older posts. Items in bold are linked back to my subreddit.

Places and Events

  • Some lesser known but beautiful old towns. Link
  • The most beautiful villages in Switzerland. Link.
  • Solothurn. Reddit Link
  • Chienbäse in Liestal and Morgenstreich in Basel. March 2018. Link
  • Thun and St Beatus caves. March 2018. Reddit Link
  • Murten and Neuchatel. June 2018. Reddit Link
  • Brienzer Rothorn and the Emmental. August 2018. Reddit Link
  • Verkehrshaus (Transport Museum). November 2019. Reddit Link
  • The Greisiniger (Tolkien) Museum. September 2023. Link
  • Olten – the ‘ugliest’ place in Switzerland. Link

Some of my favourite places

Not places that I consider to be an absolute must see, but ones that have made a really positive impression on me.

More detailed posts on the big tourist spots:

My trips

Outings with at least 1 night away from home.

Weekend Trips

Trips I have done at the weekend, or in some cases a 3 day weekend with arrival on the Thursday evening after a day of work.

  • Saas-Fee (2 nights). January 2020. Reddit Link
  • Lugano (2 nights). February 2020. link
  • Rigi (1 night). February 2020. link
  • Gruyeres and the Prealps (1 night). February 2018. Reddit Link
  • Aletsch arena (1 night). February 2019. link
  • Kandersteg (2 nights). March 2022. Reddit Link
  • Vallorbe and Vallee de Joux (1 night). May 2018. Link
  • Appenzell (3 nights). June 2018. Reddit Link
  • Hasliberg (1 night). July 2018. link
  • Rosenlaui (2 nights). July 2020. Link
  • Jungfrau Region (2 nights). July 2015. Reddit Link
  • Sion – Gemmipass – Kandersteg (2 nights). August 2015. Reddit Link
  • Lungern (2 nights). August 2023. Link
  • Les Diablerets and Glacier 3000 (1 night). September 2019. Reddit Link

Longer Trips

Anything which required 4 full days or more.

  • Locarno (5 nights). April 2022. Reddit Link
  • Château-d’Oex (3 nights). April 2023. Link
  • Arosa (4 nights). May 2021. Reddit Link
  • Fiesch and the Aletsch Arena (4 nights). July 2020. link
  • Evolène (8 nights). July 2023. Link
  • Mürren to Adelboden (4 nights). July 2022. Reddit Link
  • Grimentz (8 nights). July 2022. Link
  • and Crans-Montana (17 nights). July 2022. Reddit Link
  • Zermatt (4 nights). August 2015. Reddit Link
  • Glarus, Graubünden, and into Italy (6 nights). August 2016. Reddit Link
  • Bellinzona-Splügen-Vals (3 nights). August 2019. link
  • Disentis (12 nights). August 2021. Reddit Link
  • Samedan (14 nights). August 2021. Link
  • Flims and Tiefencastel (7 nights). August 2020. Reddit Link
  • Samedan (8 nights). October 2020. Reddit Link


See the dedicated Hikes page for the list of hikes.


See the dedicated Cycling page for list of bike rides.

Themed Posts

  • The trip taken by JRR Tolkien that inspired parts of the Hobbit/LOTR: Link.
  • Expanding the famous train routes: Glacier Express – Link, and Bernina Express – Link, and the GoldenPass line – Link.
  • Visiting the UNESCO sites in Switzerland: Reddit Link.
  • Unique/interesting Swiss festivals: Link, with a sidepost on the surreal madness that is Fasnacht.
  • Swiss food and drink: Reddit Link.
  • An idiots guide to buying a Swiss Watch: Reddit Link.
  • Cats I have come across in Switzerland. Link

Responses to often posted topics

  • Are there any ugly places in Switzerland (yes): Link
  • Misc. points like why is the grass so perfectly mowed in photos and so on: Reddit Link.
  • Cow bells and do they harm the cows: Link.
  • The myth of the pig in the lion of Lucerne. Link.
  • When Switzerland invaded Liechtenstein and a few other Liechtenstein stories: Reddit Link.
  • Do the Swiss eat cats and dogs?: Link
  • Do the Swiss remove the vocal cords of dogs? Link.
  • The “abandoned” hotel Bélvèdere: Reddit Link.
  • Gelmerbahn, the “high-speed rollercoaster”; Reddit Link
  • Villa Vals, the underground “hobbit” house: Reddit link
  • Why Switzerland has the highest number of breweries per captia in the world (it is a boring legal reason). Reddit Link

Questions/thoughts that come to my mind

  • Where are all the pigs? Link.
  • What is Hornussen? Reddit Link.
  • Swiss war memorials. Link
  • Posters against women getting the vote in Switzerland and the rejected women’s suffrage referendum from 1959. Reddit Link

Posts on life in Switzerland

See this page