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My bike rides in Switzerland

These are just the rides that I have taken the time to write up, please do reach out if you have questions about other routes/areas.

See also my overview on cycling and mountain biking in Switzerland.

Note that some content is not imported yet. Items in bold from the list below are linked to my Subreddit.

Rides by location:

The markers are set to the start point of each ride.

List of rides


  • Cycling the river Emme. Link
  • Cycling the river Aare. Link


  • The Schelten Pass. August 2016. Link
  • Burgdorf-Willisau Herz Route. July/August 2019. link – external Reddit link.
  • Solothurn-Lueg-Solothurn. March 2020. link – external Reddit link.
  • Liestal-Solothurn. August 2020. link – external Reddit link.
  • Three lakes from Yverdon to Solothurn. September 2020. link
  • Jura gorges and passes. September 2020. link
  • [Multiday Tour] Thun-Emmental-Solothurn. October 2020. link
  • The Balmberg Pass (the steepest pass road in Switzerland). March 2021. link
  • Aarau-Emmental-Solothurn. April 2021. link
  • Solothurn history tour (part 1). May 2021. link
  • Lausanne-Solothurn. May 2021. link
  • Gänsbrunnen-Delemont-Passwang-Solothurn. June 2021. link
  • [Multiday Tour] Andermatt-Altdorf-Glarus-Gersau-Sursee. June 2021. link
  • [Multiday Tour] Andermatt-Grimselpass-Juanpass-Fribourg-Solothurn. June 2021. link
  • Riding from Solothurn to France. September 2021. Link
  • Over the Furka Pass. September 2021. Link
  • 100 miles around Napf. September 2021. Link
  • [Multiday Tour] Aargauer Castle tour. May 2022. Link
  • Along the north shore of Lake Neuchatel. June 2023. Link
  • The Emmental Cheese Tour. August 2023. Link
  • Up the Eriztal and over to Schangnau. September 2023. Link
  • Along the Walensee. September 2023. Link
  • Gigerwaldsee and the Kunkels Pass. September 2023. Link
  • The Weissenstein pass. October 2023. Link

Mountain biking

  • Chasseral Route. October 2019. Link – external Reddit link.
  • [Multiday Tour] Emme tour. July 2020. Link
  • Up the Val Russein. July 2021. Link
  • Over the Maighels Pass. July 2021. Link
  • Davos to Bergün. August 2021. Link
  • Suvretta Loop and Bernina Pass. August 2021. Link
  • Bachalpsee by Grindelwald. September 2021. Link
  • Solothurn Cheese Run. Various times. Link
  • Solothurn-Hasenmatt-Bike (Route 565). Various times. Link
  • Bettmeralp and Fiescheralp. September 2021. Link – external Reddit link.

My to do list: