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MTB – The Solothurn Cheese Run

    Photo: Bergwirtschaft Teuffelen in summer.

    A route I developed that is a quick, quiet and scenic way to get out of Solothurn for a few hours which also passes through some of my favourite spots in the area.

    Despite the name both of the cheese sellers along the route are actually in Canton Bern, a proper Solothurn Cheese ride to the Käserei in Buchegg will follow at some point.

    I have done this at various times around the year, so the photos are something of a mixed bag.

    Key Information

    Route: Solothurn – Balm – Teuffelen – Stiereberg – Hinteregg – Bättlerchuchi – Hubersdorf – Solothurn. GPX file.

    Length: 32km, +1050m, -1050m.

    Date: Various times around the year.

    Practical Information

    Season: Mostly doable year round, especially in the increasingly common drier tones. The short route stays well below 1000m and is south facing, the longer route goes a bit higher and along a shadowy north facing ridge so any snow/ice will remain for longer.

    Arrival/Departure: Solothurn, the station if you are coming from elsewhere.

    Supplies: Various restaurants along the route.

    Alternate routes/shortcuts: The descent can be varied to include more smoother paths or single trails depending on skill/mood/conditions. Roadies are very limited to a single dead end paved road if they want to get up there.

    Exposure/Hazards: Some of the footpaths you could follow down are a bit sketchy, but the linked route has nothing to worry about.

    These are mostly very quiet paths, but some sections like around Stiereberg can have quite a few walkers on nice weekends.

    Notes along the route

    Initially from Solothurn follow the MTB signs for Sonceboz (or take the forest through the Balm single trail for a bit of extra height and challenge) until it joins the Balmberg pass road. At this point turn right instead and follow around a corner before cutting left and joining the forest road that leads under the cliffs to Teuffelen. The ascent up is a bit of a rollercoaster and has quite a few short sharp climbs. A bit tough, but good training.

    Bergwirtschaft Teuffelen with Röti in the background.

    Bergwirtschaft Teuffelen has a fridge where you can grab their cheese (cash or Twint). I have yet to actually eat there, but it does seem popular so is probably good. It is actually in Canton Bern, for actual canton Solothurn cheese I would have to head to the Bucheggberg which is also a good ride (but with less impressive landscape).

    Self-service fridge in the barn.

    The climb after Teuffelen is a bit nasty (steep and loose) but then all the climbing is much gentler. You could also follow the road further around and take a shallower route up (but where is the fun in that).

    The view opens up over the Flatland and the whole range of the Alps at Stiereberg. Stiereberg is a good place to stop for a rest, having a sweeping panoramic view off to the Alps and the option of just quickly grabbing something from the self-service fridge.

    Grabbing a drink at Stiereberg.
    Around Siereberg in winter.

    Hopping over the ridge the landscape changes. From Hinteregg to Schmiedenmatt is a scenic and fun glide down through meadows and forest. Hinteregg and Schmiedenmatt are also nice places to stop for food, but don’t have quite the same views as the earlier restaurants. Schiedenmatt also sells cheese.

    The hidden plateau at Schmiedenmatt.

    From Schiedenmatt there is a short climb back up to the ridge and the fantastic viewpoint at Bättlerchuchi. Then there are numerous ways down; from paved roads all the way to Attiswil, to some potentially very tough single trails through the forest.

    The view from Kammersrohr.

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