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One of my favourite spots – Vorder Stafel, Glarus.

    I am not calling this a ‘must visit’, but it was an especially good memory that comes to mind every so often.

    I came across this by chance after cycling over the Klausenpass from Uri towards Glarus in June 2021. It was during a heatwave which had knocked the life out of me the previous day, so I got an early start to avoid the worst of the hot weather on the climb. The plan worked well but I found myself with plenty of time and not all that far to go (even after enjoying a very relaxed lunch and doing some exploring in Urnerboden).

    Rather than dropping into the hot valley I decided to try going up a bit off the main road and find a quiet spot to keep enjoying the cooler air. I was just hoping to find a shady tree to sit under and admire the views, so it was a nice surprise to find a whole bar.
    It isn’t listed on any map, it was simply a DIY bit of decking with some umbrellas and a fridge and a cup to drop your payment into. This is what I love about rural Switzerland – you come across this sort of thing all the time.

    The farm is about half-way along Stage 5 of the Via Alpina so that is probably where they get most of their custom from and why they built to start with. However I must have spent an hour there avoiding the heat and nobody passed by. At one point the farmer briefly came out of the house and gave me a friendly wave but that was it.

    Map of the location.

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